How do I use bookmarks?

You can utilize bookmarks to help you stay organized and keep track of specific case briefs and videos.

Creating a Bookmark

Step 1: Find and open a case brief or video on our website (make sure you're logged in).

Step 2: Create a bookmark by clicking on the bookmark icon, which will be near the item's title.

After you click on the bookmark icon, the bookmark will be saved, and the icon's color will change from gray to orange, as you can see with the bookmarked video here:

Step 3: To view all of the bookmarks you've created, hover over the person icon in the top navigation menu, and then click on "Bookmarks" in the drop-down menu that appears. Or click here:

Step 4: All of your bookmarked items will display, and you can click on a link to access the materials.

Deleting a Bookmark

You have two options for deleting a bookmark.
  1. When viewing All Bookmarks, find the case or video you want to remove, and click on the orange bookmark icon next to the title.
  2. On the specific case or video page, find and click the orange bookmark icon. 
When the bookmark is removed, the bookmark icon will change from orange back to gray.

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