I'm a law student and ABA member. How do I claim any offers or discounts?

Are you a new Quimbee subscriber?

If you're a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) Law Student Division and you've never signed up for Quimbee before, you may be eligible for an exclusive offer.

To claim your current offers, please go here:

Note: Please do not sign up for a regular Quimbee subscription or trial, as doing so will invalidate this offer.

Are you an existing or returning Quimbee member?

If you are an existing or previous Quimbee subscriber, you may not be eligible for all offers.

If you visit the ABA deal page and learn you aren't eligible for a specific offer, please contact us and include your 8-digit ABA ID to see if you're eligible for a special thank-you discount. :)

(Please note that the thank-you discount is only available if you have never claimed any ABA offer or are ineligible for a different offer.)

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