Do you offer group rates or memberships?

Yes! We offer discounts for a group of individuals, as well as memberships for institutions.

How it Works for Groups of Students

We'll provide your group with a special link that can be used by however many members of the group you have. Each member of the group will receive a discount on his or her individual account.

The discount varies based on your group size, so here's the breakdown:
  • Up to 5 members: 20% off
  • 6-10 members: 25% off
  • 11-15 members: 30% off
  • 16-20 members: 35% off
  • 21 or more: 40% off
The group rate is only available on annual plans (which are already discounted, so you'd be getting an additional discount on top of that).

How it Works for Institutional Memberships

If you're a law librarian, administrator, or professor, and you'd like to purchase Quimbee for your entire law school, please visit our institutional memberships page.


If you have further questions, please get in touch.

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